Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Full Speed Ahead

Hi everyone,

I had my first visit from the CLSC clinic today. They will be doing periodic check-ups on me to make sure that I'm in good health, and that mommy and daddy are taking good care of me, which they are, of course! Every day they make sure I have fresh sawdust in my cage and big bowl of apple peels to munch on. Kidding!

So the big news is that I'm now 2600 grams! That's about 5.75 pounds for you non-metric types. And everything else seems to be running smoothly. Mommy is convinced that I take after daddy when it comes to my behaviour. I sleep a lot, fuss only when I'm hungry or gassy, and I love to be social. I heard that when mommy was a baby she cried so much that her next door neighbour had to move out! That is one powerful baby!

And it looks like good news south of the equator as well. My buddy Augusto has hit 1800 grams, which is one of three requirements he needs in order to be discharged. Keep up the good work! Here's me cheering for you:
Go Augusto!



ana said...

Did i ear 2600g?
That is wounderful!!
Can i say that "home sweet home" has a lot calories!!!ih!ih!ih! Enjoy it!
best regards to all of you,
Ana (www.nascerprematuro.org)
PS: i ask again: can i use the photo "day 101" in my site? it is lovely!!!

AUGUSTO !!! said...

Hey Andrej !

You look awesome in this shirt ! Thanks for you support !!!

2600 gramas is really good ! You are getting bigger every week and this is excelent !

Someday we will be big guys, bigger than our old daddies, and we should meet to play a soccer game.

Our parents will be proudly watching us ! They will probably shed a tear remembering those days when we looked so fragile but we have proved to be stronger than they ever thought.

Thanks again for your post !


Ceci said...

My dear friend Andrej:

I can't believe you are already 2600g. That's nuts!

Congrats to Augusto for achieving one of the requirements for going home. I really need to talk to his mommy and daddy though, cuz (at soccer) we all know Argentina is a much better team ;)