Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Still in the hospital, but back to normal

I have to say, this hospital has the BEST play room I've ever seen.  Toys galore!  So yeah, I'm back to my old self.  In fact, if it weren't for the big turban I have on my head, you'd never know that I had surgery on my head only yesterday.

Oh and just so you know the score:  Andrej: 2, Intravenous: 0

Pictures tomorrow!


Monday, November 17, 2008


Well, phase I of my adventures in hearing-land has been successfully completed. We rolled into the hospital around 6am and got straight to business. Mom and dad's business was to get me registered, my business was to play with toys in the waiting room. Soon enough it was time to get the show on the road. I basically arm-wrestled the anethesiologists when they tried to put me under. Mom tried to warned them... Then there was nothing. The surgery lasted from about 8:30 to 12:30 and it all went without a hitch. Dr. Shramm has done about 500 of these things, so this one was pretty routine. Mom and dad got some unexpected good news when Yves, one of the amazing people in the audiology department and the resident expert in programming the cochlear implant devices, informed them that he ran some preliminary tests and my little brain seems to be responding already! Neat!
Coming out of the anethetic wasn't such an ordeal this time around. Just very very groggy. And super thirsty. Man, I drank so much water that I totally out-peed my diaper. There was so much pee that my diaper said, "OK forget you man, I quit!" and then it leaked all over my pants. Then I downed a huge bowlful of macaroni and cheese--I'm talking about an adult portion here! I hadn't eaten in about 20 hours, so you can excuse a little guy like me. So now I'm off to bed. Mom is staying with me tonight and I'm looking forward to a lot of visitors tomorrow.



Sunday, November 16, 2008

Big Operation Day

It's been a while, I know.  To be honest, it's been hard to find time to update this blog, and mommy and daddy have been keeping  a lot of people updated through Facebook.  However, we've had many requests recently to update everyone on recent developments.  Here's the scoop:

Mom and dad suspected it for while, and the doctors confirmed it over a year ago; I have a severe to profound hearing loss.  Theories as to why include the simple fact of my extreme prematurity to some nasty side-effects of some antibiotics I had in the hospital.  Whatever the case, the fact remains; I can't hear anything, which brings us to the next major procedure in my little life.  By the time many of you read this I will have undergone surgery to install a cochlear implant in my head.  This device should allow me to hear, but we won't know the full results until 4 to 6 weeks from now when it's activated.  I'll keep you all up to date as much as possible over the next few weeks.

Wish me luck!


Thursday, March 20, 2008

My First Birthday Party!

I'm a hit with the ladies!

I love my new truck!

Yum! Cake!

Thanks for the zebra, teta Meli!

Here it is. It's more of a pimped out pony!

Yay, auntie Jocelyn.

And auntie Bonnie!

And Dr. Kovacs got to share the special moment when I blew out my candle.

Thanks for coming to my party everyone! I had a great time and I really loved the presents. See you next year!!!


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

They Say It's Your Birthday!

I'll be keeping a record of my day here:

5am -I wake up daddy. Hee hee. No sleep for you, old man!
5:10am -Polish off a bottle. Yum! Daddy is desperately trying to stay awake.
5:30am -Time to play! Now I feel sorry for the big guy.
6:30am -I show some compassion and we take a nap until...
8:30am -Time for second Breakfast: Apples and Prunes and Barley Cereal. Or as I like to call it: Colon Blow for Babies!
9am -Huge Poop. Hooray for fibre!
10am -Mommy leaves to buy some presents for the NICU staff at the JGH. I pretend to want a nap.
10:30-11:30 -I pretend to nap. No sleep, I tell you!
2pm -Off to the NICU!

Here I am with some of the NICU nurses. There was practically a brawl to decide who got to hold me!

Yay! Dr. Papageorgiou! I haven't seen this guy in ages! Let me see those glasses!
4:30pm -Mommy and daddy are hungry, so it's off for some Thai food. Here we are enjoying a green mango salad.

4:50pm -I'm having such a good time that I pee my pants. Daddy doesn't find out until...
4:53pm -...when I pee his pants as well.

5:30pm -We stop off at Baka's salon for a quick haircut--only to find her closing up. It's just as well I suppose. I don't exactly have a plethora of hair right now!
6:00pm -Back home and ready for action! Baka and I got into a major tickle battle. Whew! All this activity really wears a little guy like me out!

7:00pm -Last Call! One final bottle and then it's off to bed. Cuddles and kisses with my mommy and off I go to dreamland.
Good night everyone!


p.s. I'll see you all on Sunday for my big party!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Hard Working Man

So now the truth can be told. My father never wanted a son, he wanted an employee! Fine dad, I'll help out now and then, but as soon as I'm 18 months, I am outta here!